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Order Luckman Coffee Online!

Kenya AA

Kenya AA $16.50

From the slopes of Kilamanjaro. Roasted medium with a very sweet and smooth flavor. Rich Full mouth feel – Joy for the Tongue

Legendary Blend (14oz)

Legendary Blend (14oz) $12.50

Our In-House Espresso Blend. Three coffees roasted four ways. Hints of bittersweet chocolate and caramel. Best as espresso but makes a great cup of brewed coffee. And yes – the Legend is True!

Little Miami Blend / North Fork Blend

Little Miami Blend / North Fork Blend $13.50

This premium blend is medium roasted and a treat for the whole tongue – Kenya for the front and Sumatran for the back. A great balanced, full bodied coffee.

Peg Leg Jim Blend (14oz)

Peg Leg Jim Blend (14oz) $12.25

“Aargh This Be Bold” say he! My award winning dark roast is rich and satisfying. Makes great espresso too!

Pirate and Princess Wedding Blend (14oz)

Pirate and Princess Wedding Blend (14oz) $12.25

Like a bed & breakfast blend – dark and light roast. The pirate is the dark and the princess is the light for a great balance and medium body.

Sumatra - Mandheling Haramau Tiger ( 14oz)

Sumatra - Mandheling Haramau Tiger ( 14oz) $12.25

Dark roasted for a rich earthy fullness with a heavy chocolate caramel back of the tongue after taste!

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea $15.25

A peaberry pearl reserve from Daterra. Sweet, mellow and a little nutty.


Blue $15.25

When the coffee cherry is ripe, this bean is blue rather than the normal red. Blue is roasted light to medium with a mellow, nutty, slightly sweet taste. Sourced from Daterra Estates(Rain Forest Alliance Certified).

Columbian Supremo

Columbian Supremo $12.95

A classic blend of great supreme beans that is light roasted with a great aroma, light body and low acidity.

Daterra Espresso

Daterra Espresso $13.95

Blended at the Espresso Lab at Daterra Farms. Roasted medium dark with low acidity, rich chocolate and caramel notes. Works great as espresso or a brewed cup of coffee.

Dawn - "A Breakfast Blend"

Dawn - $12.95

This blend is 50% Nicaragua, 20% Sweet Yellow Bourbon and 30% Columbian Supremo. A light roast with a rich, satisfying mouth feel.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe $12.95

Roasted light to medium with a rich and intensely fruit sweet and mellow taste. It has a floral aroma and a hint of blueberries from the oldest growing region in the world.

Guatemalan - Hue Hue Tenango Region

Guatemalan - Hue Hue Tenango Region $12.95

Roasted medium with a traditional Guatemalan richness. It has a smooth mouth feel, sweet and fruity – very satisfying!

Holiday Blend

Holiday Blend $12.95

A light and medium roasted blend of Ethiopian, Mexican and Blue Bourbon. Full bodied, well balanced and smooth.


Mexico $12.95

High grown beans from the Chiapas Region. A light, medium roasted coffee with a great back of the tongue earthiness with hints of spice and pepper!


Peru $12.95

Light roasted and delicate with a hint of Darjeeling tea for a smooth mouth feel that is bright and mellow.

Sumatra Decaf

Sumatra Decaf $12.50

A Swiss Water Process Decaf that is roasted medium dark to dark. It has a rich full lingering mouth feel. Makes great espresso and brewed coffee.

Guatemala Decaf

Guatemala Decaf $13.95

A Swiss Water Process Decaf that is medium roasted - smooth, rich and velvety on the tongue.

Little Miami Decaf

Little Miami Decaf $14.50

A Swiss Water Process Decaf that is a medium roasted blend of Guatemala and Sumatra.

Maui Mokka

Maui Mokka $23.95

Maui Mokka is a registered trademark of this farm. It's 'No Ka Oi'


Nicaragua $12.95

Lighty Roasted Clean Mild smooth

Sao Francisco

Sao Francisco $12.95

Alta Mogiana Brazil Direct Trade Smooth Mild finish

Skull Smacker

Skull Smacker $12.50

A French Roasted Blend of Kenya, Sumatra and Sweet Yellow Bourbon from Brazil. Full Mouth Feel & Great Balance

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